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    Empereon–Constar delivers comprehensive solutions spanning the entire lifecycle of a consumer account

    Founded in 1997, Empereon Marketing, LLC is a leading provider of contact center solutions specializing in multi-media, multi-channel, and customer-centric interactions. Empereon has excelled in achieving client goals, particularly in champion / challenger and pay-for-performance engagements. This has led to extensive organic growth through increased business from existing clients, as well as from new clients through referrals.

    Based on Empereon’s success, in 2005, Constar Financial Services, LLC was launched as a full-service customer management and accounts receivable company. Constar began as a third party collector of charged-off debt for large automotive, banking, and consumer finance organizations, but subsequently expanded into first party customer care, service management, collections, and account reactivation on behalf of the client (on their platform, voice and brand).

    Great synergy has been gained by combining the collection expertise with sales and / or customer service proficiency in Empereon Marketing. Agents are trained to navigate multiple client billing systems simultaneously to deliver the full customer experience and solution.

    A new economy demands a new approach!  At every step of the process, customer relationships are at the heart of our clients’ business successToday, the Empereon-Constar organization delivers comprehensive solutions spanning the entire lifecycle of a consumer account.

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    We provide customer engagement services for organizations in the areas of customer acquisition, retention and customer service


    Customer Management programs represent your unique brand with the goal of ultimately ensuring a smooth customer interaction on your behalf

    Customer Management


    Empereon–Constar delivers comprehensive contact center solutions spanning the entire lifecycle of a consumer account, for each touchpoint of the consumer’s journey. Through two distinct, but affiliated, privately held entities, Empereon-Constar provides end-to-end customer solutions for leading Fortune 500 companies representing the finance, telecommunications, entertainment media, satellite, broadband, e-commerce, consumer loan, bankcard, and underbanked business sectors.

    Working in partnership with each client, the companies develop innovative consumer contact solutions designed to achieve client business goals, ensure brand recognition, optimize customer satisfaction, and enhance the customer experience. Results are achieved through a combination of management expertise, extensive experience in developing highly skilled teams, and advanced technologies, which allows Us to deliver measurable value to its clients.

    Best in class services

    Empereon-Constar provides innovative solutions that best connect our clients to their customers.

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    Empereon-Constar offers a comprehensive range of customer-centric, contact to contact solutions designed to help companies increase revenue and lower costs in all phases of their business.

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